Navarro Slams Trump For “Sarcasm” Excuse

Narcissist Donald Trump clearly wants people to listen to him and take him seriously. However, he runs into trouble whenever he writes provocative statements through his Twitter account since, given the fact that he is the sitting U.S. president, his statements are taken as official presidential policy.

President Trump’s staffers have had to go into damage control to creatively interpret his comments to the public so that they won’t end up causing deep damage. In a recent incident, the White House claimed that Trump “was being sarcastic” with one of his statements. This did not sit well with CNN contributor Ana Navarro.

In response to new sanctions against Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for deep cuts with American diplomatic staff in the country. Instead of taking a tough stance on Putin’s move, President Trump replied by saying, “I’m very thankful that he let go of a large number of people because now we have a smaller payroll.” Trump also claimed about the staff that “there’s no real reason for them to go back.” When asked about the comments during a press briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders plainly said, “He was being sarcastic.” Later, when asked directly by a reporter if he was being sarcastic, Trump answered, “Absolutely. I think you know that.”

On CNN, Ana Navarro let Trump know what she thought about this “sarcasm” excuse, saying, “If he wants to be funny, he can go to the White House correspondents dinner and try to be funny. If he wants to be funny, go to late-night. But being funny about U.S. diplomats getting expelled from Russia does not pass the smell test, should not be allowed, should not be justified and should not be explained away as a lame attempt at humor by the president of the United States.” She added, “There’s going to come a time in this country, and it’s not ‘if’ but ‘when,’ there’s going to be a natural disaster or a man-made disaster where we are going to need to hear from our president and we need to believe what he is saying. Credibility matters.” Do you agree with Ana? Watch her segment below: