Don Cheadle Slams Ann Coulter On Twitter

On Saturday, famous racist Ann Coulter threw a two-hour temper tantrum on a Delta flight when the seat she originally booked was given to another passenger. Coulter received very little sympathy from the Twitterverse for her predicament. I mean, who’s going to feel bad for someone who promotes hate and division?





However, Hollywood actor Don Cheadle’s response to Coulter’s whining is the best thing Twitter has seen in ages. There is no doubt Cheadle one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. But he just showed the world that he is also brilliant.  Cheadle starred in Hotel Rwanda, which dramatized the horrors of the country’s 1990s genocide. Then Cheadle became one of the biggest activists against murderous regimes around the globe.






President Obama once referenced an old adage that the devil smells of sulfur. “I was reading the other day. There’s a guy on the radio who apparently said me and Hillary are demons, said we smell like sulfur. Ain’t that something?” Obama joked at a Clinton rally in Greensboro, North Carolina. Obama then smelled himself. Obama said, “Now, I mean, come on people!” Obama was responding to the absurd claim by Alex Jones, founder of the conspiracy website “InfoWars” and host of “The Alex Jones Show” on radio, who claimed that President Obama and the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton carried the scent of demons. Seriously, he said that.





But Cheadle took the adage a step further when he tweeted his response to the bigot Coulter. Cheadle tweeted: “They probably recognized you and smelled the sulfur.”






While Obama is clearly not a demon, the famous racist Ann Coulter is the closest thing to evil that a human can be. But we do not claim that she is a demon because we are not ignorant like the alt-right Republicans. We know that demons and alternative facts don’t exist.