Van Jones Rebukes GOP Who Calls Trump A “Genius”

President Donald Trump can be called many things and has been called many things. One word, however, that certainly cannot be applied to America’s tragic bumbler-in-chief is “genius.”

Regardless, President Trump’s surrogates have shown complete willingness to say virtually anything to make Trump look good in the media and flatter his delicate ego. When former Republican Congressman and outspoken Trump backer Jack Kingston opted to use the word “genius” to talk about Trump in a recent appearance on CNN, Van Jones rebuked him about why Trump is anything but a genius.

Former Rep. Kingston appeared as part of a conversation speaking out President Trump’s performance at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. Trump was openly derided by other leaders, and his comments were panned. Van Jones also called out the fact that Trump had, conspicuously, chosen not to talk about the mounting threat posed by North Korea in his statements. Said Jones, “We have an actual madman in North Korea with actual nuclear missiles who is apparently now able to hit Hawaii and Alaska – American soil. That should be – full stop – the agenda for the United States, to rally the world to stop the threat.”

This prompted Kingston to say that it is all part of the “genius of Donald Trump.” Van Jones was not having it with this absurd statement, and he shot back at Jack, “Listen, when you are in your little bathtub with your rubber ducky and telling yourself these stories, that’s wonderful. The rest of the country is looking at what they’re actually seeing, which is somebody who one he is given a script and something to say and do, he apparently can do a decent job, but the minute he runs into the restroom or closet and can get his phone out, he starts doing nutty stuff. It’s not good for America. If this is genius, we got a bunch of genius kindergartener.” Van added, “I want to say one last thing — the summer before 9/11 we talked about Gary Condit and Chandra Levy and distracting ourselves while enemies plotted and gathered. Right now you have a plot gathering against this country from North Korea and we’re talking about everything but that because of your president.” Do you agree with Van Jones? Watch the full exchange below: