MSNBC Host Issues Warning to Trump Jr. Following Stunning Report

After a recent report by the New York Times, Donald Trump Jr is now surrounded by controversy. The Times reported that Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer prior to the 2016 presidential election. Trump Jr. recently admitted the meeting happened, but attempted to downplay the significance in a recent statement. However, many experts are not buying his excuse. MSNBC’s Mark Halperin spoke on “Morning Joe” on Monday morning, stating Trump Jr. should definitely be worried.


“Trump Jr. was forced to change his story by seemingly what The New York Times was able to learn. Whoever is helping The New York Times with these stories seems to be doing it in a way like maximum damage on at least Donald Trump Jr. Even if you accept his Sunday version. Accept his Sunday version, ask no questions, have no suspicions, he is in a world of hurt,” Halperin said.


The New York Times reported that Trump Jr. met with Russian lawyer Natalia Vesenlnitskaya in June 2016. In a statement, Trump Jr. admitted he met with the lawyer and claims she offered damaging information on Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr. denied receiving any information regarding Clinton and claimed the meeting was extremely brief.