Conway Continues Attack Against Media In Latest Interview

The Trump administration’s battle with the media has been well documented since Donald Trump became president. The restrictions that have been placed on members of the media, as well as Trump’s constant attacks against MSNBC and CNN have upset many Americans. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway echoed Trump’s attacks against the media in an interview on Sunday, demonstrating the lack of respect this administration has for reporters.


“I think the media spends too much time talking about themselves and covering issues they think are important to them or that they want the American public to focus on,” she said.


Conway continued her bashing of the media on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz,” stating the media “needs to cover what the Americans are telling the journalists, including in the media’s own polling, is important to Americans.”


“I’ve been paying close attention to print reporters, to networks, the cable stations. There are a few journalists out there who have really done a great job trying to get to know this president and his administration, his Cabinet, his senior staff. And I think those folks are still doing what traditional journalism has always done, which is they’re trying to get the story. Others are trying to just get the president,” Conway said.


The Trump administration’s lack of respect for the media is alarming. Also, their inability to let criticism go and do their job is certainly not a sign of strong leadership.