Liberals Demand Tech Companies Disengage With Trump

President Trump is not the poster president for science. In fact, as climate change denier, Trump’s presidency is a complete slap in the fact to science and technology. Trump is already not on the best terms with many tech CEO’s and market mavens. But it looks like things just got worse.  According to POLITICO, Trump is planning to meet with top tech CEOs at the White House to talk about modernizing government technology. However, many companies are refusing to commit to attending.


Earlier this year, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Tesla CEO Elon Musk quit Trump’s economic council after Trump backed out of the Paris Climate Agreement. But a lot more top tech CEOs may be on their way to abandoning Trump. In fact, Nicole Carty, campaign manager for SumOfUs, an advocacy group pressuring executives to leave Trump’s advisory councils said  “Trump has been in office for almost 150 days. There is no mistaking what this administration is. They are condoning an administration in a moment when the truth and intent of its agenda has been revealed.”



Furthermore, the meeting itself has received major backlash. Tech Solidarity, another anti-Trump group said, “This meeting doesn’t have to happen. Tech employees have the power to stop it.” Reports suggest that top executives from Google’s parent Alphabet, IBM, Cisco and Oracle will all be in attendance. Other top tech names include Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and possibly Facebook.



Moreover, Brandi Collins, a senior campaign director at Color of Change, said: “At this point, there is a line in the sand and the CEOs that continue to cross it are doing it to the detriment of communities and of their employees.” Nonetheless, Gina Woodworth, senior vice president of public policy and government affairs at the Internet Association, suggests that “No matter what industry you’re a part of, it’s critical to engage with the current administration. While there may be differing opinions on some policy issues, there’s also productive discussions to be had and room for positive collaboration.”