Dems Address Impeachment of Trump In Recent Statements

Donald Trump has been extremely unpredictable during his short time in office. After he shockingly fired FBI Director James Comey, nobody knows what to expect next. On Friday, some Democrats clearly spelled out what would happen to the president if he pulls any stunts similar to the Comey firing.


Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) commented on the matter Friday.


“All Americans, regardless of party, agree on the fundamental principle that no one is above the law. And if President Trump were to fire Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, and then get special counsel Mueller fired, I believe Congress would begin impeachment proceedings,” he said.


Another Rep, Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) reiterated the previous statements, saying, “It had become clear that President Trump believes that he has the power to fire anyone in government he chooses and for any reason, including special counsel Robert Mueller. That is not how the rule of law works, and Congress will not allow the president to so egregiously overstep his authority.”


Schiff added, “If President Trump were to try to replicate Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre by firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in addition to Mueller, Congress, must unite to stop him- without respect to party, and for the sake of the nation.”


After Trump’s constant tweets calling the Russia Investigation a “witch hunt,” nobody is sure what is he thinking about doing. Democrats have now made it clear if Trump does anything drastic, the impeachment process will begin.