Trump Supporter Explains Why He Thinks We Need “A More Violent Christianity”

In a true sign of the times, Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte defeated his Democratic opponent in a special election in Montana despite the fact that the Republican body-slammed a reporter at a campaign event on the eve of the election.

Instead of condemning Gianforte’s violent act, a Trump-supporting evangelical named Dave Daubenmire praised Gianforte for assaulting the reporter. Daubenmire went so far as state that America is in need of “a more violent Christianity,” using Gianforte as a model.

Said Daubenmire recently on his “Pass the Salt Live” webcast, “The only thing that is going to save Western civilization is a more aggressive, a more violent Christianity.” Daubenmire played the infamous viral clip of President Donald Trump at the latest NATO summit pushing away the prime minister of Montenegro so that he could be front and center for the group photo of world leaders, and complimented Trump for being “large and in charge.” Shouted Dave, “Look at him. They’re all little puppies, ain’t nobody barking at him … He’s walking in authority. He walked to the front and center and they all know it, too, man. He just spanked them all.” Referencing Trump’s power move, Daubenmire went on to say, “The Lord is showing us a picture of the authority we should be walking in.”

Dave then cheered on Gianforte for his assault, and claimed that he is an example of what is sorely lacking in the Christian church. Said Daubenmire, “People are sick and tired of it. They’re saying, ‘Yes, a fighter! Go, dude, go!’ … Who won? The dude that took the other dude to the ground.” He added, “That should be the heart cry of Christian men. From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of God has suffered violence and violent men take it by force.” Are you disturbed by Daubenmire’s attitude toward violence? Watch his full video below: