Madeleine Albright Gives Her Take On Trump And His Russia Scandal

Madeleine Albright earned worldwide admiration for her work as Secretary of State under former President Bill Clinton.

Like the rest of us, she has been watching the spectacle of Donald Trump’s reality TV presidency with horror. Albright has no shortage of insight about the inner workings of Vladimir Putin’s regime in Russia, and she had plenty to say when asked if President Trump is hiding something.

Albright recently appeared on CNN’s New Day, and was asked why Trump wouldn’t welcome special counsel Robert Mueller, if Trump indeed is not hiding anything. Responded Madeleine, “Exactly. He should have done that. His initial reaction is always to see the wrong side. That is what troubles me. He is somebody that sees something in a very legitimate approach to something that is against him and he could, in fact, welcome it.” When asked her opinion on the choice of former CIA director Mueller for the role, she said, “I think it was a very good appointment. I’m glad it was done.”

She was then asked what she thought about the tweet Trump posted complaining about how Hillary Clinton was never investigated by a special prosecutor. Answered Albright, “The president’s reaction is actually ridiculous, because he is demeaning something that could in fact help solve a lot of situations and I think it is typical of his approach to the way he sees things that he is concerned about might affect his own posture. I think it’s unfortunate. he could have welcomed it.” She then responded to Trump’s allegations that he is the target of a “witch hunt,” saying, “First of all. I’m always amazed that everything he does has to be the greatest. Yesterday, when he was talking to the Coast Guard Academy, his things about him the greatest problem in American history! Everything is the greatest. I think he needs to keep his mind on what is going to be a very important trip.” She later added, “What keeps me up at night is that, in fact, this president is not well enough prepared to deal with the myriad of issues out there which are very complicated.” Are you glad Albright spoke up? Watch the full interview below: