Sean Spicer Has No Further Comment

Remember when Sean Spicer literally ducked into the bushes in order to avoid the reporters that were planning on asking him questions about Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey right in the middle of an investigation of his administration campaign. Well now that he has nowhere to hide as press secretary, a job that requires him to give the public the answers that we seek, demand, and deserve; Spicer simply refuses to give us any information regarding the entire Comey situation.

At a recent press briefing, numerous reporters asked him for further information about the firing of Comey, which he kept responding by saying, “The president has no further comment on that,”. The American public deserves the knowledge in situations like this where our lives will not make sense until our questions have been answered and the crimes have been confessed.

Sean Spicer also has a habit of acting like every question that reporters ask him is the stupidest question in the world, a trait perfectly mimicked by Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live. When a reporter asked him to comment on what is going on in the FBI, he responded by saying, “We made it clear last week that the president has no further comment on that,”

America can agree that there is information being kept from us. If the president can leak private information of top secret intelligence to Russian officials, then he can tell us the truth. Or did he forget what side he is supposed to be on?

He’s even come under attack from Melania Trump:

Melania Trump has remained mostly in New York during her husband’s first few months as president, she has reportedly been keeping a close eye on the media’s portrayal of Donald Trump and his administration.

According to Politico, “She has raised concerns that some on his communications and press team aren’t doing enough to defend him, according [to] aides and sources close to the president.”

Melania has specifically pointed to the inadequate performance of White House press secretary Sean Spicer, indicated one source.

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