New York Times Implements Comey And Pence In New Scandal

As each day of President Trump’s term continues, it seems as though impeachment becomes more and more likely. However, now Americans are asking if Vice President Mike Pence would be a better President than Trump. Most say this is a no-brainer. Pence is a decorated politician with experience to boot. Trump is an unstable civilian, at best.

However, the question remains if Pence is guilty of any wrongdoing or illegal activity that Trump may have been involved with during his short time in Office. Did Mike Pence tell the truth about not knowing anything about former National Security adviser Michael Flynn’s foreign payments?

New evidence surfaces daily that lead investigators to believe that Vice President is not an innocent party.

In fact, according to the New York Times, Pence was “part of the small group of advisers who planned Mr. Comey’s ouster [sic] in near secrecy.”

The Trump administration is known for spreading alternative facts. But it seems they have lost track of all the lies they have told.  Initially, the White House claimed that Comey was fired after Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein wrote a memo to Trump suggesting the termination. Pence fully supported Trump’s decisions and actions.

However, the very next day, Trump contradicted that statement in an interview with NBC. Trump stated that he had already decided to fire Comey before Rosenstein’s memo, which is the opposite of what VP Pence told the press.

What has become clear, is that VP Pence has no issues lying to the American people to protect his boss, President Trump. Clearly, he has no problem lying directly to the American people if it serves his boss’s purposes. We expect to hear more dirt come out about Pence’s actions with Trump as the investigation progresses.

When Trump falls, will Pence fall with him?

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  1. Robert E. Rice

    May 19, 2017 at 12:37 am

    Pence has known about the Flynn Russian connection. I put it out to the world last summer often! No one is that Isolated! He has been told and I made msnbc aware and I know they have confirmed it!

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