With HealthCare Vote Looming Some Republicans Begin to Break Rank; Refusing to Abandon Thier Constituents

Paul Ryan - TrumpCare

President Donald Trump was usurped when conservative House Freedom Caucus members failed to strike a deal on the GOP TrumpCare Bill-Likely meaning it will not be passed.

Tensions have been escalating between Trump and the devout conservatives opponents of the bill reached at least a temporary standstill after Freedom Caucus members were told recent concessions to the far-right were a final offer. The group rejected that, wanting more.

Paul Ryan won’t have the votes

This means that Speaker Paul Ryan likely won’t have the votes needed to pass the bill. The Wisconsin Republican can afford to lose only 22 votes on the floor. The House Freedom Caucus, however, has three dozen members, who have vowed to block the bill unless they get what they want. Roughly a dozen centrist Republicans also have come out against the bill.

A senior administration official in the room for the meeting at the White House said most members left the meeting as “no’s” but suggest some flipped to “yes.” While Trump did not go around and ask people how they would vote, it became immediately clear GOP leaders did not appear to win over enough to put the measure over the top.


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