Joe Biden Sends a Public Message to Trump in Response to Wiretapping Claims

Joe Biden

Joe Biden said President Donald Trump should apologize to former President Barack Obama for his accusation that the Obama administration was involved in wiretapping Trump Tower.

Obama, via a spokesperson, denied that he wiretapped Trump Tower after the current president tweeted the accusation. FBI Director James Comey this week also testified that there’s no evidence the Obama administration surveilled Trump during the leadup to the 2016 election.

Biden spoke with reporters after attending the Democrats’ rally defending Obamacare on the steps of the Capitol.

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  1. Ben Dover

    March 22, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    Trump has gotten away with things Rethuglicans never would of let Obama get away with, not showing his tax returns , his wife and little bastard son living in NY, costing tax payers millions , not putting his businesses in a blind trust, going to Mar A Lago every weekend at tax payers expense, showing classified documents to everyone at dinner table , all that should be enough to get him impeached , but the sleazy scumbags he has in his cabinet , all treasonous trash , racist garbage, Russia owns his filthy ass , most likely for human trafficking little girls for sex..everyone says his parties had under age girls available for sex illegally laundering Russian mob money, and now accusing Obama of wire tapping , to try and throw people off the Russia connections , he is a filthy horror of a human being and should of been rotting in prison years ago…I hope they shovel that whole pile of shit he`s brought into the White House up and toss it all into a prison cell , or better yet hang the filthy treasonous , child molesting piece of shit and everyone involved with him

    • Brenda J Reiss

      March 23, 2017 at 3:20 pm

      I agree with what you have said. One thing more. I think that the Repugnant leadership should be impeached as well as they have been shielding him. Those two chairs of the investigations should be included as well. Maybe all of the Repugnants should go

    • Andy Gibb

      March 23, 2017 at 8:40 pm

      Yeah!! What you said!!!
      I’ve been wondering when something is going to happen to turn the tide. I’m thinking those two uninvited White House guests were more than psychos storming the bastions, if you get my drift. Why doesn’t someone just bite the bullet and tell all; about his finances, about all of his shady deals, about whatever the hell is going on with Russia (your info on that is probably dead-on.) Everyone in Congress is afraid to say anything because they won’t get re-elected, but there has to be a short-timer who has nothing to lose, who will open the shutters and let some light in on this stank mess.

      When this happens, does this mean we will be stuck with Pence? Is it possible to overturn the election and get someone in there (Hillary) who knows what the hell they are doing?

      I read something earlier that said Trump is holding on to his allegations the way a drunk holds on to an empty gin bottle.


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