Spicer Absolutely Humiliated Trying to Defend Trump’s Latest Move.

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Shortly after the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a statement saying there is no evidence of Trump’s accusation — a rare rebuke and the second such comment in so many days — Spicer repeatedly refused to answer questions about the White House’s reaction during the daily news briefing.

Instead, Spicer accused reporters of cherry-picking facts, and himself cherry-picked passages from a series of articles during a nearly eight-minute soliloquy and selectively highlighted comments from the Republican leaders who have cast doubt on Trump’s accusation.

“And I think the president’s been very clear when he talked about this, and he talked about it last night. When he talked about wiretapping, he meant surveillance and that there have been incidents that have occurred,” Spicer said. “Devin Nunes couldn’t have stated it more beautifully, but you choose not to cover that part. You chose not to cover when Tom Cotton went out, when Richard Burr went out, Chairman Nunes and others.”

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  1. Sharon Drake

    March 18, 2017 at 3:16 am

    Spicer needs to start looking for property in Brazil, so he can exit quickly and quietly. Before he, too, is thrown under the bus.

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