According to the Definition of Corruption Some of Trump’s Appointments Are Illegal.

Scott Pruitt is a climate change denier. That means, despite all science, he refuses to accept that climate change is really impacting our climate, caused by humans, and is currently impacting the health of American citizens. Yet  the fact remains that 2014 was the hottest record year in HUMAN history. Until 2015 broke 2014’s record. Until 2016 broke 2015’s record. This is fact, climate change is not open to individual interpretation and is going to begin killing humans.

There is no room for debate on this but yet Scott Pruitt, EPA Head, and his colleagues continue to refuse to act in any way that will harm their associates in the Fossil Fuel Industry; even if action could save the lives of American citizens. Here’s yet another prime example of Pruitt acting in the interest of Fossil Fuel companies as opposed to the American people’s:

Pruitt was ordered late Thursday by a judge in Oklahoma to release more than 3,000 emails with fossil-fuel companies sent during his time as the state’s attorney general.

His office did not release the emails despite repeated requests from state residents. The judge’s order requires the office to do so by Tuesday. He also more than once sent letters on government letterhead that appear to have been written by oil companies.

Now if we look objectively at the facts and the definition of corruption:

1.dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power.
we can come to no other conclusion than one which says that Scott Pruitt, despite being APPOINTED head of the EPA by “President” Trump, is a criminal based on his refusal to act in the best of interest of the American people, but instead acting in the interest of wealthy donors he has been proven to associate with.
Until we start calling Pruitt other corrupt appointees what they are, criminals, nothing will change. While Trump chanted to lock the DNC candidate up over mishandling of emails, something his VP Mike Pence was recently found guilty of with no consequence, Liberals have been to afraid to call corruption by its name for reasons we cannot figure out.
So please, if you care about the future of our planet please share and begin demanding that we oust corrupt government appointments instead of allowing them to get out of trouble by simply refusing to acknowledge that they’re guilty of anything.


  1. Patricia Napolitano

    March 9, 2017 at 12:58 am

    This man is a narcissus he wants attention 24 -7 and will get it one way or the other….He should be learning more about his job instead of tweeting every half hour. the country has enough jobs to keep him busy but he still must be in the limelight 24-7 even if it is untruthful. I do not believe Prs. Obama was the one to tap his phones and as those who know say…it would be impossible but he will persist with his lies and in my book…he is the loser even if he won the Presidency …he scares me to death. I know there are enough problems and jobs to keep him busy but unless his name is in the press….he cant seem to go on….he must dominate the press even with lies and inuendos. He scared me before and that is why I did not vote for him and now he scares me even more. His immature self absorbency is too much to endure. I know there is enough work to keep him busy so why is he wasting time on lies and mistruths…..even those who voted for him do not believe this nonsense about Obama and no matter how Trump tries…he will never be as popular and he brings this on himself.

  2. Jan

    March 9, 2017 at 1:20 am

    Get this jackass out of the White House and everyone of his cabinet! How stupid are the people that keep him in there. Get rid of Paul Rayn and turtle McConnell. My God what has happen to this country and the stupid people that are suppose to be representing us! Get some balls and throw trump in jail and the rest of his followers . I’m very disappointed in this government!! May God try and save us all !

  3. Karen Friedman

    March 9, 2017 at 2:06 am

    these criminals are destroying our country

  4. Tallulah

    March 12, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    Impeach Trump and his cronies

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